Mark Glover's work has been exhibited at the following locations:
Alcott Arts Center
Prairie Village Municipal Offices
Overland Park Convention Center
KCK Library
Wyandotte County Museum
Johnson County Central Resource Library
YWCA Corner Cafe
Images Art Gallery
Bohemian Gallery
Gekawa Gallery
Merriam Community Center
Massey Fine Arts
Reardon Civic Center
Phase III Gallery
Mulvane Art Center
Kaw Valley Art Gallery
Grand Nude Show
Red Door Studios
Scion Lab
Blue Valley Library
Published in two books- "The Complete Colored Pencil" and "Best of Colored Pencil Vol.1"

Artist's Statement

I've always been more interested in a graphic style rather than a realistic or expressionistic representation. Lines, planes and flat areas of color are what I strive to acheive. Pop-art and illustration are what have influenced me, especially artists like Lichtenstein, Wessleman and Nagel. Though I don't choose to deliberately ape their styles, aspects usually creep in. Sometimes I even adopt a comic-book motif, complete with borders and word balloons.

In the past few years I have gotten more into texture. Various mediums, such as molding paste, have helped to add more depth and character to my subjects. Often these are randomly placed before paint is applied, so surprises show up in the final result.

I have always painted with acrylic. I feel this medium is best suited for my style. I like bold, bright colors and a good acrylic producer will have a wide range from which to choose. As one might deduce from viewing my work, though, there are a few colors which I use again and again, simply because they are so pleasing to my eye - medium magenta, anyone?

As far as subject matter, the female form is one which I have thought provides a myriad number of possibilities. Often a single feature will serve as a starting point for the finished piece-whether it be hair, eyes or even a nose. This source material is one which I can truly say I will never tire of. Hopefully, I can even sometimes capture a bit of personality or insight of one of these special ladies. Hope you enjoy them as well.